Portable Toilets

Get guests to go outdoors

If you're having a big outdoor party, you likely won't want guests traipsing in and out of your house, tracking in dirt and leaving the door open to plenty of hungry insects. For a big outdoor bash, a portable toilet might be the best party solution.

Making Your Commode Comfortable

Make your guests comfortable by equipping your portable toilet with some of the following comforts of home:

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  • Clean scene. Have a wash basin with soap, water and towels on a table outside of the toilet where guests can wash their hands afterwards. If this seems too inconvenient, you can provide a water-free wash station with hand sanitizer and tissues.
  • Keep your guests high and dry. Put gravel or sand down at the door to the toilet. This will trap the dew that sticks to guests' shoes and will keep the floor of the toilet dry. Make sure to check in throughout the event to make sure that the toilet is still clean.
  • Make sure it's well stocked. Check on toilet tissue supplies at regular intervals to ensure there's enough to go around.
  • Rent right. You may want to rent two or more toilets so the line never gets too unbearable for any of your guests. You can even rent gender-specific toilets, with urinals included for the men.
  • Light it up. If your party is extending into the evening, hang yellow or orange lights near the toilets to light your guests' way. Bugs aren't as attracted to orange or yellow lights and will leave your guests alone. Remember, though, to make sure that the lights are bright enough to shine through into the toilet.

Smart Renting

Determine just how long you'll need your portable toilets and what the fees surrounding them are. Some companies will let you rent by the day or even by the hour. If you've planned a longer event, such as a weekend, you can probably get a better daily rate. Sign a contract determining what time the toilets will be delivered and when they'll be removed again, as well as what type of supplies are included. For example, some rental companies will provide wash stations or toiletries.

Renting portable toilets for your next party is a great way to keep your house in clean shape and your guests happy.

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