Pool Deck

Buying and installing a swimming pool deck

Getting a swimming pool for your backyard used to be a pretty big hassle, unless you opted for one of those tiny kiddie pools that are only suitable for toddlers or preschoolers. These days, however, above ground swimming pools are available in many different designs, sizes and materials, making them much more affordable for homeowners.

Because of this, more homeowners have taken the plunge and purchased backyard above ground swimming pools. Many of these homeowners have also installed pool decks to add to the look and value of their pools.

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Why install a pool deck?

There are several reasons to have a swimming pool deck:

  • An above ground pool deck allows people to sit at the side of the pool while others swim. People can sit along the edge of the pool, dangling their feet inside the pool. Or, parents can easily keep an eye on the kids while sitting or lounging comfortably.
  • A pool deck provides a convenient place for all of the pool gear. Homeowners can place decorative storage benches on the deck, for example, to hold towels and sunscreen. A locked storage container on the swimming pool deck is also a great place to store necessary pool chemicals.
  • By installing an above ground pool deck, homeowners make the pool more than just a backyard play spot – it becomes a great gathering space for family and friends. Pool parties are much more fun if everyone can gather on the deck rather than on the grass surrounding the pool.
  • Pool decks, if kept clean, can help prevent grass, dirt and other debris from getting into the pool.

Getting a Pool Deck

There are a few different ways to get a pool deck installed for your above ground pool. Here are some options:

  • Ask at the store where you purchased your swimming pool. They may be able to give you names of builders who can help you with your pool deck plans.
  • Ask other people who have pool decks for referrals. You may not want that same pool deck design; however, you might be able to use the same deck installer.
  • Look at pool deck designs online. Ask other people for referrals to builders, carpenters or contractors. Any of these people may be able to help you select and build one of the pool deck plans that you find online.
  • Go to a home improvement store and ask about pool deck design installation; they may provide this service or be able to recommend someone.

Before choosing any builder or installer, be sure to check references and experience. Ask to see past work, either in photos or in person.

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