Pond Liners

How to choose a pond liner

If you are interested in lining your pond, it is important that you consider the various kinds of pond liners that are available. You may want to consult professionals who have tried out these various brands and can help you to make the best decision.

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing the right water pond liner is whether or not it has a long-term warranty. Make sure the warranty on your pond liner is at least 20 years. A long warranty is important because water pond liners tend to deteriorate prematurely under the sun's ultraviolet rays. You can take certain steps to make sure that your pond liner is protected from the sun's rays by covering the liner with rocks and gravel. Performing this action should make the pond liner last longer than 20 years.

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When choosing a fish pond liner, most people will want to make sure that it is fish safe. This is of utmost importance if you plan on having fish in your pond. A fish-safe pond liner will have a verified statement from its manufacturer that guarantees the purchaser that the membrane contained within the pond liner will not harm the fish that inhabit the pond in any way. (The fish-safe pond liner will have been tested to make sure that the membrane is composed of a chemical compound that does not harm the fish.)

Many people make the error of choosing liners that are not fish safe and, honestly, they may never have a problem. Even so, it may not be something that you want to risk. There are various chemicals that are harmful to aquatic life that may be used in the construction of pond liners because they cost less than those that are safe for fish.

Whichever garden pond liner you choose, be sure that you have looked over all of your options closely. You may find liners that are marked as "tear resistant" or "lightweight" but do not stay true to their promise. Try to find a pond liner that is made of EPDM, polypropylene or polyethylene. These have been tested often and have proven to be the most effective.

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