Garden Trellis

An excellent addition to your garden decor

Many people like to add extra elements of design to their gardens, other than plants and flowers. Garden ponds can be a nice extra, as can adornments like statues or large boulders. One of the most commonly chosen types of garden decorations, though, is a garden trellis.

Placing a garden trellis anywhere in a garden can add a focal point, drawing a person's eye to that particular spot. For this reason, it is wise to look carefully at garden trellis design, choosing a style, size and type of garden trellis that will best fit with the rest of your garden.

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Garden trellis design has greatly expanded over the last several years. Look in any gardening store, online or offline, and you are sure to find a wide variety of designs made from different materials. You might opt for a garden trellis made of one of many types of wood, for instance. These tend to look quite natural in any garden setting. Or, you might want to purchase an iron garden trellis. A lot of gardeners like the way an iron garden trellis ages over time, getting a sort of antique look. Other materials are available, as well -- just look around, and you'll find more than enough garden trellis designs from which you can choose.

Garden Trellis Plans

When purchasing a garden trellis, you have a few options. If you are buying one locally, you may buy one preassembled. However, if you are buying one from a mail-order catalog or an online supplier, you have two options. You can purchase your garden trellis in manufactured pieces that you (or someone) will need to assemble, or you can purchase garden trellis plans and build it yourself. Garden trellis plans will tell you what materials to buy and how to put them together. You might even be able to find free garden trellis plans online somewhere if you're lucky.

Garden Trellis Arbor

Some people might want to place an arbor in their garden, rather than a regular trellis. A garden trellis arbor is basically an archway that is traditionally placed at the beginning of a walkway or garden path.

There are also other types of arbors. You might opt for a garden trellis arbor that has a bench in the middle of the archway, or perhaps one that has a planter in the archway. As with any garden trellis, the styles and varieties of garden trellis arbors are quite widespread. Any gardener is sure to find one to match the design of his or her garden.

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