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Planting your container garden

Container gardening has become increasingly popular over the last several years. Not only do people in apartments and small homes enjoy planting their flowers and vegetables in garden pots rather than in the ground, but even homeowners who have large plots of land often choose container gardening.

There are a few reasons why so many people are opting to use garden pots instead of garden plots these days:

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  • Planting flowers or vegetables in garden planter pots is simply convenient. Instead of having to get down on the level of the ground to take care of weeding and other gardening duties, people can place garden pots at a more comfortable level. This can really help gardeners who have difficulty with traditional gardening.
  • By using garden pots, gardeners can control the exact soil that is used for the plants instead of having to bother with the soil that is already in their yard.
  • Garden flower pots are often quite attractive. Anything imaginable can be used for container gardening, from wheelbarrows to hollowed-out dead tree stumps. Many gardeners enjoy the fact that they can display their flowers or vegetables in a very eye-catching manner.
  • Planting in a garden planter pot often makes it easier to avoid bug infestation with certain vegetable crops.
  • Along with planting flowers and vegetables in the garden pots, gardeners can hide gardening gear amongst their containers in their container gardens. Many use a garden hose pot in which to stash their hose, for example; others place shears and other tools in garden pots.
  • Herb garden pots can easily be used to grow herbs. Sure, these can be grown in conjunction with vegetables or flowers, but novice gardeners who aren't all that skilled at distinguishing plants yet can plant each variety separately in its own herb garden pot.

Organizing garden pots in a pleasing manner can make a container garden look quite charming. Displays aren't limited to a specific garden area, either. Gardeners can put containers along patio decks, for example, or next to a garden pond. Placing a few pots in a row atop a garden bench would make a nice display, as well.

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