Garden Designs

Elegant and practical looks for your garden

Planting a garden isn't rocket science – with knowledge and effort, just about anyone can get a garden to grow. However, many people prefer to give their gardens a specific look or design. Garden designs aren't essential, of course, but they can help ensure that all of your hard work results in something that actually looks quite nice.

Planning Garden Designs

There are endless ways in which you can plan the layout of your garden, no matter what type of garden you are planting. As for garden design ideas, there are a few main sources of information:

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  • Look at other gardens in person. Walk around professional botanical gardens and local county or city gardens. Touring other gardens can give you many garden design ideas.
  • Look at other gardens in books, in magazines and online. Head to the public library and check out several gardening books. Check out garden blogs. You can even ask the bloggers questions about their flower garden design or vegetable garden design if you like.
  • Download or purchase garden design software. Software typically comes with preplanned garden designs that you can peruse and alter as you wish. You can actually use the garden design software to work on your own garden design.

Types of Garden Designs

There are several different types of garden designs – and it isn't just a matter of what you are planting:

  • Vegetable garden design generally involves planting several varieties of vegetables in beds or containers that are raised about 8 to 12 inches from the ground. Or, they may be planted in the potager garden design style. In this style, the vegetables are planted in the same containers with herbs and flowers. This is not only functional, but it is also quite aesthetically pleasing.
  • Water garden design is available to anyone these days – not just people who can afford to install concrete ponds. With PVC and fiberglass lining materials, anyone can design a water garden of any size, with whatever plants he or she wishes to add.
  • Japanese garden design emphasizes balance and harmony. Often, this type of design copies nature in miniature. Japanese garden design is especially symbolic, though the symbolism may not be understood by Westerners. These gardens are generally quite peaceful.
  • Flower garden design isn't really one distinctive type of design; this is because there are an infinite number of possibilities for flower garden design. Flowers can be incorporated into any of the above garden designs, or they can be arranged on their own.

Garden Sheds

A garden shed is not only a convenient place to store all of your gardening tools, equipment and supplies; it can also be a decorative fixture to your yard.

Homeowners can easily build sheds of any style and size. Garden shed design has never been easier than it is nowadays. You can even buy prefabricated sheds in a variety of styles. Garden sheds can be built or bought to match almost any type of backyard garden design.

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