Window Coverings

Controlling light and privacy

It's easy to love windows because they let allow natural light to wash over our rooms and give us a view of the outside world. Sometimes, though, it's these very features that can drive us a little mad; sometimes too much light and heat come in. And when the sun goes down, it's far too easy for our neighbors to see everything we do inside.

Window coverings, also called window treatments, allow us to regulate the light and control our privacy. In addition to this, they can completely change the mood, look and feel of our homes. In fact, despite the fact that they take up so little space, window coverings probably affect the atmosphere in a room as much as any other piece of interior decor.

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For example, sheer curtains can let in lots of light and give a billowy romantic feel, while bamboo Roman shades can block a light and create an organic, outdoorsy feel. Shades fitted to the inner frame of the window can simplify and understate the window, while adding vertical window coverings can accentuate grandness and height.

Your choice of window covering will be largely dominated by your style choice, however light penetration and room size also need to be taken into consideration. For example, when choosing a window covering - be it a curtain, valance, blind or interior shutter - make sure to consider the direction your windows face and how much natural light you want in the room at any given time.

Types of Window Coverings

We have divided window coverings into three distinct categories:

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