Garden Tools

Getting down and dirty

Garden tools are exactly what their name suggests – tools for working in the yard and garden. In order to grow healthy flowers, vegetables and grass, you'll need the right tools.

Hand Garden Tools

For most homeowners, gardening is a pleasurable experience. They want to be down on their hands and knees in the garden or on the lawn, working in a hands-on manner. Therefore, most garden tools are small and simple. Instead of the bulky power saws and drills that you might find in an indoor workshop, you get simple and quaint hand tools like shears, spades, hoes and watering cans. There isn't really any danger when using these tools, so you should feel free to encourage your children to get involved with whatever gardening project you have on the go. You may even want to think about buying some special kids' garden tools.

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Although most garden tools are manually powered, there are a few exceptions. Some gardening tools fit into the category of power tools. The list of garden power tools includes lawn mowers, string trimmers (also known as weed whackers or whipper snippers), hedge trimmers, lawn aerators and leaf blowers.

Shopping Guide for Garden Tools

When shopping for gardening tools, keep a few simple things in mind. First and foremost, they should be comfortable to use. Planting and caring for flowers isn't any fun if your shears and spading fork give you blisters. Plastic handles can guarantee that you won't get splinters. A good pair of gardening gloves can do the trick as well.

Also, be sure to look for quality tools. There are plenty of discount stores that sell gardening tools. However, despite how cheap these tools are, they usually aren't worth the trouble. What would you rather do – spend $15 on a pair of shears that will last years or spend $5 on a pair that will rust within a year? As with most other kinds of tools, the best plan is to spend a bit more money to get a durable tool that won't need to be replaced.

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