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Your guide to compressor parts

Air compressors can be very useful to have. Obviously, the most basic use of an air compressor is to put air in your car tires, but air compressors can be used to power other devices like nail guns, power staplers, air sanders, impact wrenches, air hammers and more. While air compressors aren't incredibly complex machines, they do have a number of parts, and it's important to know what each of these compressor parts does.

One of the major compressor parts is the ASME-certified safety relief valve. This valve will automatically release air if the pressure in the compressor's tank reaches a dangerous point. You'll see a pull ring attached to this valve that lets you make sure it's not corroded or clogged in any way.

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The pressure regulator is another important compressor part. It works with two other compressor parts -- the tank pressure gauge and the oil level sight glass -- to read, display and maintain the tank's pressure. The pressure regulator makes certain that the pressure in the tank is maintained at the desired level. The tank pressure gauge reflects the pressure inside the tank, while the oil level sight glass, as one would expect, allows you to check the oil level in your air compressor.

Another of the important safety compressor parts is the manual thermal overload button. If the air compressor motor begins to overheat, this button automatically turns the compressor off. You then have to push the button to restart the compressor once it's cooled down.

To protect you and others around the compressor, the belt guard sits in place over several compressor parts, including the belt. It's important that this air compressor part be in place before the compressor is turned on.

Finally, a hose rack is useful for storing and protecting the hose when you're not using the compressor.

Two optional compressor parts that you might want to invest in are quick connecting couplers and an inflation kit. The couplers allow you to easily change out the various tools you can connect to your air compressor. The inflation kit is needed to inflate car tires, swimming pools and anything else you need to pump air into.

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