Air Tools

Shopping guide for air tools

Air tools (also known as pneumatic tools) are tools that are powered by a gas. The gas is usually compressed air, but it can also be carbon dioxide. Some of the most common air tools include drills, hammers, grinders and nail guns.

While air tools still aren't used for most industrial applications, they are becoming increasingly popular for do-it-yourselfers. A major advantage that air tools have over traditional power tools is that they are both cheaper and safer than their electric counterparts. They are also less likely to break down because they contain fewer moving parts.

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Another advantage is that air tools are also lighter and don't have cords that can get in the way when you're making a delicate cut or drilling a precise hole. In fact, there are so many consumers who appreciate how light and portable air tools are that tool manufacturers have begun selling mini air tools. These tools are useful for small projects, but they can't take the place of heavy-duty tools.

Be sure to remember that most air tools need a separate air compressor in order to function. It's important to match the PSI (pressure per square inch) rating on the compressor to each individual tool in order to provide them with sufficient power.

Leading Brands

Some of the most popular brands of air tools include:

  • Apache
  • DeWalt
  • Hitachi
  • Bostitch
  • Eagle Industries
  • Senco Air Tools
  • Air Metal Cutting Tools

    Cutting air tools are just what their name suggests – pneumatic tools that are used to cut materials like metal, plastic and wood. Popular cutting air tools include air nibblers, air speed saws, air shears, air scissors and impact chisels.

    House-Painting Air Tools

    One of the applications where air tools really excel is in painting. Air tools have the unique ability to use air pressure to project paint onto whatever surface needs to be painted. This eliminates visible brush strokes, which many homeowners find to be unsightly.

    Some of the most popular house-painting air tools are airbrushes and pneumatic paint guns.

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