Finding the right tool for the job

Every year, millions of Americans venture out to their local hardware store (or fire up their computers) and go shopping for tools. Unfortunately, many of these people end up with the wrong tool. We're not trying to say that there's anyone out there who bought a saw when he or she really needed a hammer. There are, however, lots of people who have purchased tools that they can't use because they are too heavy, under-powered or just not quite right for the job.

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Information for Shoppers

We know that you don't want to spend your free time shopping for tools – you want to spend your free time using tools! This section is designed to be a buyers guide. It is full of information that can help you make sure you find the right tools. Let us help make sure that your tool purchases are easy and smart.

Our shopping guide covers all major subcategories of tools, including power tools, air tools, hand tools, garden tools and automotive tools. Whether you're looking for a new drill or an electronic diagnostic tool for your car, we've got you covered. The information we provide includes shopping tips, product reviews and more. We take a look at issues such as price (is it worth it to spend more for a high-quality tool?) and brand (should you buy a name-brand tool or look for a less expensive version?).

It doesn't matter if you're a weekend handyman or the kind of person who grunts like Tim "The Toolman" Taylor at the mere sight of power tools. What matters is that you're the kind of person who isn't afraid to pick up a tool and take matters into his or her own hands. If that's the case, this section is for you.

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