Fly Control

Steps to keep your home fly free

It can be incredibly annoying when there are flies in your home. Having flies buzzing around is absolutely maddening; even just one fly can drive a person nuts. This is why there are so many different fly control methods advertised.

What really works, though? There are so many bug sprays and traps and other fly control methods sold both online and in stores, it can be difficult to know just what to do to keep your home free of flies.

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Fly Control Basics

In order to keep house flies and fruit flies (and many other types of bugs) out of your home, it really comes down to one concept – prevention. You can practice fly control with some fundamental preventative measures:

  • Take your trash out on a regular basis. Keeping full trash cans in the kitchen can draw flies, so empty the garbage frequently. While you're at it, make sure that your kitchen trash cans have lids, or at least keep the trash covered between the times you take it out. This will work well towards house fly control.
  • Keep your kitchen clean, with no food sitting out. Yes, bowls or displays of fruit look nice; however, if even one piece of that fruit begins to rot just a little bit, that will draw flies (especially if you don't have air conditioning and your windows are open most of the time). Keep the food put away, and you have taken a step towards both fruit fly control and house fly control.
  • Check your window screens and doorways. Any openings in your screens or doorways can be like welcome mats for flies. Seal these off for house fly control. To help with fruit fly control, you may want to consider installing screens with a finer mesh size so that the fruit flies will not be able to fit through the mesh squares.

White Fly Control

White flies are a little different than other flies. These flies look almost like moths; in fact, many people mistake them for moths. These are prolific flies that tend to infest any plant they can find – garden plants or houseplants alike. When they come into the home, you obviously want to get them under control as soon as possible.

For white fly control, the best method is insecticidal soap. This is a low-toxic material that can be sprayed. It prevents adult white flies from flying, which keeps them from heading to another house plant. It also stops them from laying more eggs. This method of white fly control is safe, too – it's safe on plants (including fruits and vegetables) and isn't hazardous to people or pets.

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