Dust Collectors

How to choose a dust collector

A dust collector is compromised of a blower, a dust filter, a filter cleaning system and a dust collector bag. There are five different kinds of industrial-strength dust collectors: inertial separators, fabric filters, wet scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators and unit collectors. Because of the many different types of dust collectors on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you.

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The following factors are extremely important to the selection of your dust collector:

  • Dust concentration and particle size
  • Degree of dust collection required
  • Characteristics of air stream
  • Characteristics of dust
  • Methods of disposal

There are also different fans and motors used in each model. The two most common forms of fans are centrifugal and axial-flow. The motors used in dust collectors can also be divided into two main categories: integrals and fractionals.

Cleaning Your Dust Collector

Dust collectors can be cleaned via online cleaning, offline cleaning, on-demand cleaning, reverse-pulse cleaning/reverse-jet cleaning or impact/rapper cleaning.

Online cleaning is automatically timed to allow for continuous dust collection for hours. Offline cleaning, on the other hand, must be performed when the machine is powered down. Even so, it allows for the best dust cleaning operation.

On-demand cleaning begins automatically whenever the filter is full. This can be determined when there is a specified drop in pressure on the surface.

Reverse-pulse/reverse-jet cleaning delivers a blast of compressed air from the clean side of the filer. This will dislodge any dirt or dust that has become clogged in the filter.

Finally, impact/rapper cleaning involves a high-velocity compressed air burst through a tube that dislodges cakes of dust. This is the best method of cleaning when the dust is sticky or very fine.

Jet Dust Collectors

A jet dust collector is another popular type of dust collector that may be used in a residential area. The operating principle behind this machine is dust collector static electricity, which is used to pull the dust into the machine. This type of dust collector may be operated and cleaned without interruption. Because of this, jet dust collectors are not usually compartmentalized.

When trying to decide the best dust collector for you, be sure to take each of the aforementioned models into consideration.

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