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If you're looking for tips to help you do things right or want to read horror stories about when things went wrong, this collection of anecdotes and advice is sure to entertain and inform!

Looking for an easy weekend project or some woodworking projects to keep you busy? We've got some great suggestions, with tips and tricks to guide you through.

Need help removing mold, installing flooring or paying back your home improvement loan? Our informative articles can help point you in the right direction.

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Not the do-it-yourself kind? No problem! We've got the top ten tips for choosing the right general contractor.

And for information on what not to do, be sure to check out our writers' exploits as they detail do-it-yourself home renovations, bathroom remodels and kitchen remodels gone horribly awry. (Then be sure to avoid their mistakes in your own project!)

From minor improvements to major home renovations, it seems there's always work to do around the house. The tips and advice offered in these articles will see you from start to finish, and the stories make a great distraction when you need to take a break.

Happy reading, and happy renovating!

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