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In-home security

You don't have to be as rich as Donald Trump or Jed Clampett to have a wall safe. Wall safes are ideal to have in your home or office if you need a steady flow of cash on hand. Wall safes are also a good place to store other valuables such as jewelry, important documents, photos or weapons.

There are various types and styles of wall safes and wall safe locks - some have standard mechanical combinations, key locks or electronic keypad locks. They vary in deepness as well as in size, color and material construction.

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If you're looking at a wall safe for a particular object, such as a gun or a fur coat, you should seek one out that's designed specifically for that use. Some objects require different standards of space and protection, and you don't want to put a valuable in a safe just to get it out later and find it damaged or soiled.

A good wall safe should also be fireproof. Before purchasing a wall safe make sure it will fit properly between your wall studs. Prices on wall safes vary, but you can get one starting at about $85 online.

Where to Put Your Wall Safe

Many people purchase wall safes because they're easily hidden. Larger floor safes can be pretty obvious targets, and while they might be difficult to remove from your home, it's still better to remove temptation from sight.

While wall safes are, of course, found in walls, they're easy to hide or disguise. You probably don't want to hide your safe behind the typical painting because, as a motion picture favorite, thieves consider this a pretty obvious hiding place. However, if you put a little thought into it, you can hide your safe right out in the open.

For the best disguise, work your wall safe into your decor. For example, you can get a faux façade for the safe that makes it look like part of a book case or media center. All it takes is a few strategically placed knick-knacks, and the safe is pretty much invisible. Remember, sometimes it's best to hide things right out in the open!

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