Storage Furniture

Multi-functional pieces worth their weight in gold

Chests, drawers and containers - they don't just store stuff, they look good too. If you put a little effort into your storage solutions, you can make them blend right in with your decor, or add an interesting focal point to a variety of rooms, such as bedrooms and main rooms.


Storage chests are one of the best and most beautiful pieces of storage furniture out there. With the ability to hold almost anything - from sweaters and blankets to photos and electronics - a storage chest in your home will be invaluable.

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If you're a traditional person, then you likely have one type of storage chest in your home already - a hope chest. These were traditionally given to a young girl with household items added throughout her life for when she moved away from home or married.

And besides looking good and holding a lot, many chests have the ability to keep your stuff protected too. With moths and rodents being among the top enemies to your stored stuff, a sealed cedar chest will help keep those nasty buggers out and keep your things safe.


Usually found in dressers, desks and sometimes built-in closet organizers, drawers hold more than you might think. If you fold your clothes properly - flat and even, not rolled up in a ball and thrown in - your dresser drawers can hold a lot.

Desk drawers are also great for storage. They are the perfect place to keep stationary and writing utensils, and if they have a lock then important documents can be kept here as well.

Deeper desk drawers are the perfect place to keep your files, too - and they'll help you get and stay organized.

Storage Containers

Though they may not exactly be considered furniture, storage containers are useful nonetheless.

Offering the perfect place to stow away items such as holiday decorations, children's keepsakes and old clothing, clear totes with lids make the best storage containers as they allow you to see what's inside without having to open the lid each time.

When purchasing storage containers, look for ones with convenient features such as easy-grip handles, snap and lock closures and plastic wheels for quick portability.

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