Storage that requires simple installs

If you're looking for more storage space in your home and are interested in a little DIY project, shelves, racks and hooks are the way to go. These storage options require minimal effort but will increase your storage space in ways you can't even imagine.

Storage Hooks

Hooks are ideal storage options. They can be mounted on the walls of your bathroom, hallway, garage, shed, workshop, laundry room and basement,or almost any other area in your home. Most often available in permanent wall-mounting options, magnetic hooks that attach to metal surfaces are also available. Storage hooks come in different sizes and are designed to hold different weights, so make sure the hooks you want to install are strong enough to support the items you intend to hang on them.

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And did you know that you can also get storage hooks that have cables built into them? These are ideal for valuable items such as bicycles, ladders and power tools because you can lock the cables for safety.

Rack It Up

Storage racks are ideal for inside closets, garages, sheds and cellars. Racks give you the ability to stack your stuff, which allows you to get more into your vertical space.

Wood and metal racks are the most popular options, but plastic, wire and cardboard racks are not unheard of. Of course, you'll want to make sure your rack is strong enough to hold whatever you're storing in it. You wouldn't want your expensive bottle of wine to break because it fell through the cardboard rack, would you?

Shelves That Go Up, Up, Up

Making use of vertical space in your home is the best way to get more storage capacity,and shelves, which can be as basic as wood boards attached horizontally and supported by frames to the wall, are a great way to utilize that space.

If you go for more decorative shelves, then you can use them as part of your decor in any room, not just the closet, and store stuff at the same time.

Just be careful that your shelves are attached and supported properly. There's nothing worse than having a shelf full of your prized possessions fall to the ground.

Also be sure to be sensible about what you're storing on your shelves. Keep the heavier things down low while the lighter items are stored higher up. This way, if anything falls, a heavy object won't injure you.

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