Media Storage

Storing all the things that keep you connected

Essentially, media storage refers to the storage of all the media you have in your home - books, photos, CDs, DVDs, even the cables for all your electronics need to be stored.

Lookin' Like a Library

The obvious choice for book storage is bookcases. Whether they're little cheapies or huge, beautiful, wooden built-ins, there's no better storage for your volumes. But when arranging your bookshelves, think outside the box in how you group them - by color, country of origin, subject, alphabetically, whatever strikes your fancy. And don't just line them up like little hardcover soldiers, be creative! Stack 'em up and insert figurines, flowers, photos, or even bookends to spice up the space. Whatever you do, just make sure your personal library is kept in a cool, dry place. Direct sunlight and moisture can damage your precious prose.

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For the Shutterbugs out There

When it comes to storing your family, vacation and random photos, albums are of course the best option. But realistically, who has time to put them together anymore? Photo boxes are a great alternative. They can co-ordinate with your decor when sitting on shelves and mingling with your paperbacks. Just be diligent about labeling and keeping track of what pics are in each box so it's always easy for you to locate your snapshots whenever you need them.

Got Discs?

Be honest, you do. And though they all came in jewel cases, most of the discs are now separated from their cases. You're not alone, and there's a valid reason as to why the separation has occurred - in jewel cases, CDs and DVDs are cumbersome. So why not switch them all into handy books? Separated and stored alphabetically, they're always easy to access and flip through - plus they take up very little room and a soft backing on the pages of the book protects the surfaces from scratches.

If you're someone who likes to keep the jewel cases, even if they are empty, then CD or DVD stands are great options. However, they are bulky and often ugly, so they fit best into little nooks and crannies where they can't add to the cluttered look of your home.

What About Those Cables?

Modern technology allows almost every homeowner the convenience and affordability of owning a television, computer, stereo system, game console, DVD player, CD burner and various other technical toys. However, with so many electronic toys, cables soon become a big tangled mess without the proper organization. Cable organizers offer an alternative to routing cables through door frames and under carpets.

Cable organizers conceal cords by discreetly linking them together in a corrugated plastic tube of one to two-inch thickness. They can be hung along a wall or run horizontally behind an entertainment unit or couch. Cable organizers are available in various thicknesses, lengths and in plain or funky neon colors. Longer cable organizer tubes are useful if you have a thick collection of cords and want to cut holes along the length to let cables run out.

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