How to make the most out of your closet space

Closets - we love to have them, but they never seem to have enough space. Used to house clothes, shoes, coats, camping equipment, sports gear and an assortment of other random goods, they take a lot of abuse. We cram them full, rip things out and never ever seem to organize them.

But if you're looking to get the most out of your closet space, no matter how limited, then there are some solutions for you.

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Closet Organizers

Suitable for any size of closet, these organizers come in a variety of materials, the most popular of which are wire, wood and wood veneer.

Wire Closet Organizers

Once they're up, these things look great and work wonders for organizing your clothing. But they do have some drawbacks. The main complaint consumers have is that the wires leave lines in their folded clothing. Also, consumers have complained that they are "a pain to build." This is because they come in a billion separate pieces, which can generally be configured in infinite ways, and are of so many different dimensions that it can be difficult to figure out which piece goes where.

Wood Veneer Closet Organizers

These have a tendency to look just as good as the real wood ones from a distance, but provide neither the lovely aroma nor the sensuous texture of wood. But if you're not looking for that kind of ambiance in your closet, then this is a great option. Available in both custom-fit and pre-fabricated models, wood veneer closet organizers are also a fraction of the price of their real-wood cousins.

Wood Closet Organizers

These are the Rolls Royce of closet organizers. The beautiful 100 percent pine, cedar or redwood looks great and smells good too. As we all know, cedar is a great wood for storing fabrics, making it the best choice in a wooden closet organizer. Usually custom installed, these organizers are expensive, so if you're watching your budget, close your eyes, because this little bit of luxury is bound to break it!

Got Space?

If you're not able to spend the money on, or assemble, one of these closet organizer extravaganzas, then make do with what you've got. Stack unused items or seasonal clothing up to the ceiling on your closet's upper shelf. Put a shoe rack on the floor and hang a belt rack on the bar to keep these smaller items all in the same place.

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