Making the most of your home storage space

You may have a large house, but over the years your possessions have accumulated and you no longer have room for everything. Sound like you? Don't be ashamed, it happens to the best of us. What you need is extra storage, something that's become a necessity for most homeowners.

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Unfortunately, the problem homeowners often encounter with extra storage is that it looks bad. But have no fear - there are stylish storage solutions out there! With units available in all price ranges, styles and materials, you'll have no problem finding the solution to your storage problem.

Ikea Hacks

Have you outgrown some of your post-college Ikea furniture but still have it hanging around? If so, why not consider repurposing it by turning it into extra storage space? With websites devoted to this idea, there's no shortage of Ikea hacking options available. A favorite is the "Vestby" bed frame turned bookcase. Besides looking great, hacking Ikea furniture is cost-effective too, and isn't that why we all love Ikea to begin with?

Multi-Purpose Furniture

If you're not so into Ikea hacking (or not handy / creative enough to come up with a hack that works for you), why not consider multi-purpose furniture? This storage solution is a little more costly, but if you're looking into buying new furniture, it's a great investment that will serve dual purposes. Two of the best examples of storage-friendly multi-purpose furniture are coffee tables and ottomans with flip-top or removable lids to store magazines, remote controls and other household items that you use on a daily basis but don't necessarily want lying around.

Custom Built-Ins

If you're looking for extra storage that's more permanent, then you may want to consider built-ins. Whether they're custom-made by a professional or by you, built-in bookcases, wall units and banquettes provide oodles of storage and look beautiful at the same time. While it may be a little more expensive, you'll love a built-in wall unit that houses books, photos, figurines and even a television set.

Home Organizers

Can't be bothered sorting through your own stuff or coming up with a solution? Fortunately you can now pay someone to do it for you. Personal home organizers come to your house, go through your stuff, and organize it all in a way that's easy and effective for you and your family to use on a daily basis.

Doing your own home organizing? Here's a little hint from the pros: begin by sorting your stuff into three piles - keep, sell, get rid of, then sort all the stuff you're keeping into piles of "like" items. That way stuff that's used together will be stored together.

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