Task Lighting

Directional lighting for focused tasks

Task lighting is the term used to describe any light source that is aimed directly at a specific area. If you need direct, bright lighting for reading, cooking, work or ping-pong, and the ceiling lights just don't cut it, task lighting is your best friend.

Task lights can be stationary or mobile. It isn't usually necessary to have more than one task light aimed at the same thing, but doing so can help reduce shadows. If you go for only one task light, make sure it's placed correctly (shielded from the viewing angle) in order to cut down the glare.

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Since they can be plugged in wherever there's an electrical outlet, lamps make the best task lights. Floor or table lamps with swiveling necks can offer the perfect amount of lighting for reading. Lamps come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Under Cabinet Lights

In kitchens, lighting can be hard to come by where you really need it. Under cabinet lights are installed on the underside of cupboards and can illuminate your countertops, making food preparation a little easier.

Game Room Lighting

For most people who own a pool table, foosball table or any other game table, ceiling lights just don't illuminate a game surface adequately. Game room lights are often rectangular and hang over the table from thin chains attached to each corner. Others have three or more lights in a row. Many are made of basic plastic with popular designs such as sporting team or beer brand logos and can be purchased for under $100. Higher-end lights are made of colorful glass and can cost over $1,000.

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