Decorative Lighting

Light fixtures that steal the show

Decorative lights have a different purpose than most indoor lights. Other fixtures, such as accent lights, illuminate an object or an area of a room. While they may be attractive, they're meant to direct attention towards something else. The best decorative lights are so striking that they literally become the focal point in a room.


Antique lighting is often displayed purely for its aesthetic appeal, but it can be made functional (for example, old gas fixtures can be converted to run electricity). A wide variety of styles can be found anywhere from yard sales and flea markets to high-end dealers. If you have a good eye for discovering gems among junk, you may be able to find an antique lamp for a bargain. The price of antiques depends on age, condition and the details regarding their creation. Handmade and one-of-a-kind items tend to come with higher asking prices.

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A dining room or grand entranceway without a chandelier is a room that probably isn't living up to its potential. While they don't fit in every room or home, chandeliers can greatly increase the stylishness of any high-ceilinged room. Chandeliers mount to the ceiling and feature two or more hanging arms with attached lights. Many have at least four arms, while the most ornate have dozens. Chandeliers can be extremely heavy and some need reinforcements to help hold their weight. The most popular types of chandeliers include:

  • Crystal.
    One of the classiest and most elegant lighting fixtures, crystal chandeliers are judged by the quality of their gemstones. This means that they can vary in price dramatically.
  • Wrought iron.
    The strongest kind of chandelier, wrought iron can come with floral designs and intricate detailing. These chandeliers offer a medieval touch (particularly the circular styles with electric candle lighting) and they will beautifully compliment an elegant dining room, but they also look at home in a backwoods cabin.
  • Brass.
    Polished brass chandeliers are another popular choice. They can feature candle-shaped bulbs atop upturned arms or small glass shades at the end of downturned arms. Brass chandeliers are ideal for formal dining rooms.
  • Antler.
    These chandeliers exude rustic charm and have a decidedly Western feel. Perfect for hunting and fishing lodges, cabins and ranch homes, most are crafted out of deer or moose antlers from (although some homeowners prefer to buy these fixtures as replicas).

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