Ceiling Lighting

Fixtures to brighten up any room

Ceiling fixtures are often used as the primary light source in a room, as they do the best job of evenly distributing light. Most hold a center spot in the room, but some can be situated in rows and patterns of two or more.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is any light fixture that hangs suspended from the ceiling. It's the most commonly used type of interior lighting, because it looks good in almost any room. However, in smaller rooms or rooms with low ceilings, some pendant lights are not practical, so mini-pendants have become popular alternatives. They usually consist of only a shade hanging from a single, thin rope. Mini-pendants can be hung to great effect in a row over a long dining table, buffet or countertop. Shades on pendant lights can open towards to the floor or ceiling and come in any color or design imaginable.

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Recessed Lighting

These lights are embedded inside ceilings, walls or floors. The entire light bulb housing is flush with the ceiling surface, making recessed lighting a discreet, elegant and modern choice for your home. The benefits of recessed lighting are the cost, brightness, consistency of light and the easily-replaced bulbs. They allow you to highlight art and other key spots such as countertops and cooking areas, but in an uncluttered manner. If recessed lights are the only source of fixed lighting in a room, you should use one fixture for every 25 square feet of floor space. Floodlight reflector bulbs are good for ambient lighting and spotlight reflector bulbs are ideal for precise accent lighting.

Track Lighting

Spotlights (or floodlights) are attached to a track on a ceiling or wall. On most models, the individual lights can be moved into any position on the track (allowing you to customize their positioning for your room). Track lights can accommodate multiple focal points or a singular focal point that is frequently moved, making them perfect for people who can't decide exactly where they want to place that new family photo.

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