Small Appliances

Little things that do a lot

Although they usually don't have as much impact on day-to-day cooking as large appliances, smaller appliances can become an important part of your overall kitchen design. Even if you don't keep them out for everyone to see, you'll have to incorporate them into your cabinet design plans so that you have ample storage space for everything.

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Toasters work by using infrared radiation to heat bread until it's golden brown on the outside. Standard toasters can be found in one-, two- or four-slot models. Most toasters have darkness settings that control the color of the toast without having to watch it closely. Fancier toasters have other functions like defrost mode, built-in clocks and built-in radios. Although most toasters have a crumb tray, they all seem to leave crumbs behind. When you're designating cupboard space for your toaster, make sure it's a space that's easy to vacuum or brush clear of toast crumbs.

Toaster Ovens

Toaster ovens have become increasingly popular because of their versatility and ability save electricity by heating small amounts of food without heating up a huge appliance. The toaster oven can toast larger foods than just bread, including toaster pastries, sandwiches and bagels. Larger toaster ovens can even be used to bake foods like cookies, cakes, chicken cutlets and potatoes. When you're planning your kitchen design, you should consider that most toaster ovens are large and cumbersome enough to warrant a permanently designated spot on the countertop.


Many families use their coffeemaker enough to warrant giving it a permanent spot on the countertop. Since some gourmet coffeemakers are large enough to start your own café with, it makes sense to think about the kind of coffeemaker you use before you plan your renovation. Will you need space on the counter in order to grind, press and foam your latte every morning? Or would you rather stuff the coffeemaker under the counter until guests come?

Blenders and Food Processors

Most people don't use their blenders every day unless they are health enthusiasts who drink a lot of smoothies. Still, gourmet kitchen designs can incorporate an easy lift for the blender or food processor that uses a lever to bring it out of storage and up to counter height with ease. This way, the operator doesn't have to lug heavy equipment around or fish for small parts in a drawer full of sharp cooking implements.

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