Large Appliances

High-ticket items you can't do without

The large appliances you choose for your kitchen aren't far behind fixtures when it comes to accounting for a large sum of your kitchen renovation budget. However, great appliances are essential to a great kitchen, so the money you spend will be well worth it in the long run.


A good stove is a cook's best friend. Thus, it only makes sense that the cook in your family should be the one who chooses the range that will be incorporated into your new kitchen design. Some people love to cook over an electric stove, while others couldn't imagine using anything but gas. People who love to bake may find a confection oven the best choice. Those who like to host gourmet dinners may prefer to have double stacking ovens. No matter what stove and oven combination is chosen, it's important to ensure that there is proper ventilation and a proper fitting range hood (with air clearance to the outdoors).

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Space is the prime factor for consideration when purchasing a refrigerator. For larger families, or smaller families that buy in bulk, you might need more room in your refrigerator than the standard refrigerator affords. Side-by-side refrigerator / freezer combinations are convenient for storing large quantities of frozen foods close at hand. Additional refrigerator features include door ice dispensers, extra-deep shelves, adjustable shelves and pull-out drawer-style storage.


If you need a lot more freezer space than your refrigerator offers, you may want to consider buying a stand-alone freezer. Freezers are most commonly available in chest freezer models. This means that the freezer door is lifted upwards, similar to a treasure chest. Freezers allow families to cut down on shopping trips because they can store more frozen items at a time. They can be kept in the kitchen if space allows, but many homeowners choose to keep their freezers in the basement or laundry room so they don't clutter the kitchen.


When microwaves were first introduced, people never could have imagined that they'd become the staple they are today. They have become so important now that they've graduated from countertop luxury items to everyday appliances we can't live without. The most important consideration with regard to microwaves is whether you want it to be permanently built-in to your kitchen or not.


Like microwaves, dishwashers have gone from luxury item to almost a necessity. Many homeowners choose to incorporate space for a dishwasher into their kitchen designs. There are several styles of dishwasher available, which allows you to find one that matches your other major appliances easily. Dishwashers can also be covered to blend in with your cabinetry. If you want to save money on your renovation, try modifying a used dishwasher so it blends in with your new decor.

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