Kitchen Fixtures

Built-in kitchen components you can count on

Built-in kitchen fixtures typically absorb up to 65 percent of kitchen renovation costs, so they certainly aren't something you can gloss over when planning to remodel. Durable materials make the best sense when you're replacing kitchen fixtures because you'll want them to serve you well for a long time.


If you've ever lived in an older home, you'll know that cupboards were originally used only for dinnerware and cups. Nowadays, the small appliances, plastic storage wear, specialty service pieces, unusual glassware and canned goods we store in our kitchens beg for bigger cabinets with more specialized storage. Having the storage fixtures of your dreams built into your home can be very costly, but it's often worth it. The proper storage can give you a safe cooking environment and a clean surface area to look at. If your budget doesn't allow for replacing all the cupboards, or your original cupboards are soundly built and worth keeping, you may consider refinishing the cabinets you have and then adding more (if you need more). Finishing all your cupboards off with new cupboard hardware will add a lift of its own, making your kitchen cabinet renewal complete.

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Your kitchen countertops are one of the most valuable tools in your kitchen. They have to be durable and easy to clean so you'll always have a hygienic surface for food preparation. They have to hold up against heat, and they should also resist stains, scratches, chips and cracks. Countertops can make or break the look of your kitchen.

Stainless steel countertops help reduce bacteria and odors, are easy to clean, can take a beating and are relatively affordable. It's no wonder they are a popular option for countertops in the restaurant industry and some newer homes. Granite and marble countertops are strong and extremely heat resistant, and can provide a luxurious organic feel to your kitchen. Laminate and ceramic tile countertops are inexpensive, easy to clean and durable, and are offered in a wide array of colors and designs.


The kitchen island is a fixture that many homeowners wish to fit into their homes these days. This isn't surprising, considering that an island is a perfect place for extra storage, seating and prep space, and it can look great, too. The kitchen island can be as simple as a stationary flat-surfaced island or as sophisticated as a multi-level kitchen island custom-built with bump-outs, shelving, double sinks, cooking lamps, granite countertops and small cooking surfaces.

Kitchen islands are generally made to match the rest of the kitchen counters and sometimes can include an extra sink or even a stove top. Most cooks like to work with a triangle path for food prep, trash clearance and cooking. Adding a kitchen island can increase a kitchen's capacity from one triangle to three very easily, so there'll be places for the entire family to help cook!

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