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Deciding on permanent fixtures and for your kitchen is certainly the most important decision you have to make when remodeling, but it's also important to think about what accessories you want to include in your new kitchen's decor. Accessories are usually quite inexpensive and they can really add character to your kitchen and make the cook's job much more pleasant. Before you finalize your kitchen renovation plans, consider whether you want these items to be removable or permanent accessories.

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Garbage Cans

Every kitchen needs a good trash can. The garbage can is best placed where the cook can easily reach it, but also where it's somewhat concealed so that it doesn't get in the way or negatively affect the aesthetics of the kitchen. In order to save space and reduce garbage smells in your kitchen, you may instead opt for a trash compactor. To do so, you'll need an under-counter space that has access to electrical wiring. Sink disposal systems were popular in the 1990s, but are now thought to be the cause of some ground contaminants and many regions have prohibited their use. You should check with officials in your area to see if they are already prohibited or if they will be.

Cutting Boards

While most cooks own freestanding cutting boards that can be easily cleaned, some kitchens have cutting boards built right into the countertops. These are usually tempered glass cutting boards that are framed with stainless steel and mounted flush with the countertop. If you choose to incorporate a built-in cutting board, you should check design specifications early in the planning stage, as some boards can't be safely installed over a dishwasher or next to an oven.


Many wine lovers and porcelain aficionados incorporate built-in wine racks or dish racks when they plan new cabinet structures. These racks can be built into the design of the cabinets to display favorite wines and porcelain collections, which adds character to the kitchen. Keep in mind that racks also work great for keeping pots, pans and glassware close at hand.

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