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Remodeling your kitchen can cost more than renovating any other room in the house. This is mainly due to the huge cost of built-in cabinetry and major appliances found in most kitchens. Plumbing and wiring costs can add up too, if the house is old or if you want to knock out walls or move appliances around. Don't let the cost of remodeling scare you, though. All the money will be well spent when you have a stylish and functional kitchen that can be the starting point for many great family meals.

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A fixture is anything in the home that's secured or fixed in place. In the kitchen, that means cupboards, sinks, faucets, countertops and islands. Besides having to accommodate your home's plumbing, kitchen fixtures should be ergonomically correct in order to afford the chef in your home the most comfortable and productive work area possible. Lillian Gilbreth worked with General Electric in the 1950s and '60s to first determine the best heights and depths for kitchen fixtures, and she came up with the standards that are still adhered to today. Still, there are many choices to make that will affect the way your kitchen works for you, so choose wisely!


If you want to make your kitchen fancier or more useful, there's only one word you need to know: accessories. When you renovate your kitchen, think about including things like built-in cutting boards, racks and garbage cans or compactors.

Large Appliances

A large portion of your renovation budget may go to replacing large appliances. Try to coordinate all your appliances so that you achieve a unified look to your kitchen. You may even find that your new appliances actually blend into the background and the focal point in your kitchen becomes the gorgeous countertops or the dramatic hanging pot rack.

Small Appliances

It's easy to overlook small appliances when you're overhauling a kitchen because you probably won't have to replace these items when you remodel. Taking into consideration which small appliances are important to your family and whether you need to make room on the counter or in a cupboard for them can make a difference in your renovation plans.

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