Wall Coverings

More than just paint

Wall decor refers to dressing up a home's interior walls with a variety of wall treatments including wallpaper, paint, wall stencils, wall borders, wall sconces, stucco, wall paneling, wainscoting, decorative wall murals, faux brick finishes and wall texturing. In addition to pure aesthetics, many homeowners use wall decor for functional purposes such as for covering cracks and uneven wall surfaces.

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Wall Coverings at Work

Any type of wall covering used to decorate a commercial establishment can be referred to as a commercial wall covering. These products must be extremely durable in addition to aesthetically appealing. They may also be used to represent or advertise the establishment or its products. Commercial wall coverings are diverse and versatile decorating products and can be used on just about any type of flat surface.

When you are installing commercial wall coverings, make sure you don't use excessive moisture as this could lead to mold and mildew. The price will vary depending on the material used, but in general commercial-grade wallpaper can be purchased for a few dollars per yard.

Wall Murals

Wall murals typically depict a stunning landscape across a full wall. Wallpaper murals can found online starting at $100 and are popular in any room that has a large wall in full view.

If you have the time and money you might want to invest in a painted wall mural. Painted wall murals are hand-painted by contract artists. These unique pieces vary in price according to the artist and time contracted. Amateur painters can try their hand at a wall mural by cutting out a series of wall stencils and spreading them out across a room's base color.

Brick Finishes

Brick interior finishes are just one example of faux wall finishes. Brick finishes are accomplished with thick paper tiles in worn brick, terra cotta, grey brick and many other brick colors.

To fix a faux brick finish to your wall, simply score the back of each tile and place them side-by-side horizontally across the wall in sections. The paper tiles are attached to the wall using masking tape or painters tape. Faux brick tiles are then painted over in your desired color to match any interior décor.

Wall Fabrics

Fabric wall coverings are a great way to add dramatic texture to your walls. Many homeowners choose fabric as an alternative to stucco to cover walls with cracks, nicks or imperfections, or to further soundproof a room.

When covering walls with fabric, make sure to pre-measure your fabrics, leaving extra length to cover the wall from floor to ceiling and pleat the fabric. Fabric can be stapled to the wall in horizontal or vertical pre-cut panels. The fabric panels should be overlapped on the edges in order to hide the corners and staples.


Wainscoting is a method of wood paneling that is typically applied to the bottom third of a wall, with individual tongue and groove boards or raised panels. Traditional wainscoting is never applied above the "dado" which is the chair rail (the standard height of the back of a chair), nor below the baseboard.

Wainscoting is most effective when it's finished with a horizontal strip of molding that runs across the dado. Many homeowners add a decorative wallpaper border horizontally across the top of wainscoting in place of a piece of molding.

Wood Paneling

Wood paneling is no longer the cheap knock-off wood paneling found among lava lamps and beaded curtains of the 1960s. Modern designs have given way to wood paneling that resembles knotty oak or pine, and some wood paneling that even simulates the look of exposed wooden beams - reminiscent of a cottage. The effect of wood paneling can even be achieved with wood panel wallpaper.

Dry Erase Wall Coverings

Dry erase wall coverings are just one type of presentation surface, along with chalkboards, bulletin boards, marker boards, cork and fabric boards, tack boards, whiteboards, planning and scheduling boards, magnetic boards and easels.

There are portable dry erase wall coverings, some which can be mounted onto a wall or installed with an adhesive. Dry erase wall coverings make ideal teaching and presentation aids. Dry erase wall coverings come in various materials, colors, styles, sizes, shapes and designs. Prices vary depending on the type of covering.

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