Interior Design

Giving personality to your home

There are a number of design options available for the interior of your home. Although each room should have its own design, there should also be a theme throughout the entire home - you want to make it look like the rooms all belong under the same roof.

The interior design of your home will indicate a lot about your personality. Choose colors and designs that incorporate your personal tastes in order to make your home unique. There are a number of areas to consider when it comes to home design including colors, textures, furniture and lighting. Each of these elements should be considered before you make any final decisions regarding the interior design.

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The interior design of your home is the biggest and most difficult task to overcome when decorating a new (or pre-existing) home. The popularity of TV shows such as TLC's Trading Spaces or Extreme Makeover - Home Edition has proven how popular home design has become.

The environment you create for yourself and your family will have a huge impact on your life. The happier you are with the environment you live in, the more likely you are to live a positive life. Take your time and decorate your home the way you (and other occupants) want it - not the way anyone else wants it. Ultimately, you have to live in your home; anyone else is just a visitor.

Accent Furniture

Accent furniture is both decorative and functional in nature. It includes items such as wine racks, hat and coat racks, picture frames, armoires, chests, easels, magazine racks, artistic chairs, globes, curio cabinets, bean bag chairs, bar furniture, tea tables, decorative / painted tables and any other piece of furniture that could be considered a conversation piece. Accent furniture is suitable for any room of the house and adds a nice decorative touch to the existing furniture.

Wall Plaques

Wall plaques add a bit of sentimentality to your interior design. A poured concrete wall plaque can be a cherished family heirloom. Just pour cement into your desired cast and when it's almost dry ask each family member to press their hand print into it. Kids can have fun making their own cement wall plaques by leaving impressions of their footprints or by signing their names into the wet cement. Family photographs can also be engraved onto a wooden wall plaque and hung over a mantelpiece or given as a cherished gift to grandparents or parents.

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains are decoration pieces or works of art that can add beauty and elegance to any part of your home or garden. Most wall fountains are operated by electric or solar-powered pumps. You can also buy accessories for your wall fountain such as lights and misters to give it a special effect. Wall fountains are made of various materials such as copper, stone, stainless steel, slate, pebbles, aluminum and glass. They also come in various designs, colors, styles, shapes and sizes. Wall fountains range in price from less than $100 to over $1,000 online.

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