Floor Paint

Renewing concrete with color and strength

When it comes to coloring and sealing floors, in most cases it's best left up to the pros. But if you've got the time and patience, you can have your concrete floors looking like new in no time.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy coatings are basically liquid polymers that convert to solid through a chemical reaction, during which time they are also highly adhesive. Resin and a hardening agent react when mixed together and link irreversibly, making a rigid, plastic-like material that coats the flooring material it's applied to, whether it be steel, concrete or wood.

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Concrete floors are often coated with epoxy, to make them almost indestructibly strong, resistant to chemicals and dust and slip-free. Epoxy comes in clear or colored batches, some that may be patterned.

Tips for a Successful Epoxy Experience

  • Choose the right grade

    . There are specific formulations depending on what material you'll be coating. 100 percent solid epoxy coatings are best, but since they're designed for commercial and industrial use, they're also much more expensive. Look for formulations designed for what you have in mind, such as extreme low temperatures, highimpact -floors or chemical handling areas.
  • Remove loose concrete

    and fill cracks and holes for a smooth surface.
  • Clean the floor surface

    of any existing sealers, curing materials, grease or oil and dirt. They can all interfere with epoxy adhesion. The concrete should be cured for 30 days at the very least before epoxy is used. If it's over 4 or 5 inches, wait longer.
  • Make sure the floor has completely dried out

    and humidity is not over 75 percent. The lower the humidity the better.

Floor paints

If you have worn or chipped concrete floors inside or outside of your home or garage you may want to spruce them up by painting them. All you have to do is find an attractive and durable concrete floor paint.

Concrete floor paint is made to protect and decorate masonry floors in residences and industrial environments. A good concrete floor paint will withstand heavy traffic, repeat washings, harsh weather, acids, chemicals, oil and alkalis, and should be non-flammable. Concrete floor paint is ideal on basement and garage floors, patios and stairs.

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