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Installing new types of curtains is fairly easy, but there are several different types of curtain tracks available to you. What you want your room to look like and what type of curtains you're installing determines what type of curtain tracks you need. The various types available include the swish curtain track, the magnetic curtain track and more. There are also several track curtain rod options, as well.

Most standard windows don't need a ceiling curtain track. You simply install a standard rod and, depending on how the rod works, either divide the curtains in the middle with your hands or use a pull string to pull the curtains apart. These types of curtains are perfect for the standard square, flat windows that most of us have in our homes.

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However, some homes have larger windows or curved windows. In fact, some houses have windows that make up two entire walls of a room. For these windows, you need special curtain tracks. For patio doors, a ceiling curtain track is very useful because it keeps the curtain track away from the door area.

Ceiling curtain tracks are also useful for large windows such as bay windows. This is also where curved curtain tracks come into play. You'll need curtain tracks that form a half circle if you want to use one large curtain for the entire bay window. Otherwise, you'll want to install short curtain tracks for each window.

For rooms with huge windows that include a corner, you'll have to have ceiling curtain rods with a curve at the corner. It's hard to make these types of curtains hang flat against every section of the window. You'll have some space at the corner, though, since the curtain will curve.

When it comes to curtain rods, there are a few different options. Most of these, however, can't really be used with ceiling curtain tracks. Instead, they're designed for people who don't open their curtains often. You generally have to push these types of curtains aside with your hands. They include decorative rods, contemporary rods and magnetic curtain rods, which don't require a lot of curtain track hardware.

Deciding what type of ceiling curtain track you need is fairly easy, and once you've picked out your curtains and tracks, installation is pretty simple. All it takes is a screwdriver and a bit of work, and you'll have your windows looking great.

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