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Basements and attics are the most neglected interior spaces of a home. Whether it's because they're not completely finished as rooms or because people simply don't use them as living space very often, basements and attics remain the forgotten cousins of your main rooms.

However, basements and attics are great spaces to take advantage of. If you finish your basement or turn it into a recreational room, you can increase your living space dramatically. Whether you use them for storage or entertaining, there are tons of ways to personalize your basement or attic.

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Finishing Your Basement

To finish a basement you will need to properly insulate the room and floor to help keep it more comfortable and warm. You may also have to erect walls to separate the rec room from the laundry area, workshop, furnace or storage. Many people erect wet bars in their rec rooms with a bar, fridge, jukebox, sink and barstools. You can also use your rec room as a games room with the addition of a pool table, pinball machine, video game or table tennis table.

You can basically turn your finished basement into any type of room you like, even a mini theater or music studio. There are endless decorating, furnishing and theme options for a rec room. Make sure you have an adequate lighting system in your rec room and that it is properly ventilated and heated.


Attics have long been the source of campfire horror stories because people often don't remember they exist or they just can't be bothered going up there. Therefore attics are often considered as homes to bats, rats, ghosts, goblins and other vermin, rather than extra space for the home's human residents.

In reality though, attics can be used as ideal storage spaces, and in some instances they can even be turned into living quarters. An attic is technically the top story of a non-flat-roof building that may or may not have windows.

However, if you put windows in your attic, heat it, furnish it and decorate it, a large attic can be very inhabitable. Finished attics are commonly referred to as lofts. Make sure your attic is properly insulated and ventilated so it's comfortable.

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