Wood Siding

Your guide to wood home siding

Wood siding is one of the most popular choices for new homes these days. Homeowners seem to enjoy the natural look of real wood, and they like that wood siding is available in several different types of wood. Each type of wood used for wood siding varies not only in its look, but also in its durability and maintenance requirements.

When homeowners opt for pine, spruce or fir wood siding, they are being economical; however, these types of woods are not naturally rot-resistant. Regular maintenance and sealing of the wood siding is a must.

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Cedar and redwood siding can be much more expensive, but they do not require as much maintenance. Wood siding contractors should explain all of the options in greater detail before any decisions are made.

When wood siding installers are working with any type of wood siding, they use wood siding nails for the installation. This may sound obvious, but it is essential to get an experienced wood siding contractor for the job. If the wood siding nails are not tapped in just right, they can cause the wood to split or crush the wood. This may not be immediately noticeable; homeowners will only notice a problem when their wood siding begins to rot quite quickly.

Other Options

For homeowners who like the look of wood but don't want to have to seal their homes every three to five years or perform the other regular maintenance required with wood siding, there is another option. Fake wood siding can be used instead.

Many years ago, fake wood siding looked rather fake -- that is, it was obviously not wood. These days, however, unless people get up close to inspect your siding, people will likely assume that you have wood siding. Even your mail carrier, who comes to your home every day, may not notice that it isn't wood siding!

Another option is to get the home done partly in brick and partly in wood siding or fake wood siding. This type of look is called "brick wood siding contemporary" because it uses brick and wood siding and it gives your home a contemporary look.

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