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It's important that your home has good systems for heating cooling and ventilation. There are many pollutants and other objectionable things in the air inside a home. If you keep re-circulating the same bad air the air quality in your home will continue to suffer - and so will your children and those with allergies. Bad ventilation also results in odors in your home.

Homes with poor ventilation need systems that bring in fresh air from the outside. Many people do this by using portable air conditioners or by opening windows and doors. Some new homes use mechanical systems that suck outdoor air into the house. Some of these systems use energy-efficient heat recovery ventilators, which are also known as air-to-air heat exchangers.

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Other ways to control the ventilation in your house are to use air cleaners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and fans. Don't forget to ventilate your attic and basement as these rooms are often overlooked. To keep your air clean, make sure you vacuum out your ventilation and return ducts regularly. A ventilation system that runs through your whole house usually starts at $2,000 online.

How's Your Ventilation?

You will usually be able to tell if your home has poor ventilation. Some key signs include:

  • Stubborn and persistent odors, particularly from cooking
  • Musty odor found in bedrooms
  • Mold and mildew growing in corners and seams
  • Condensation inside windows
  • Irritated eyes or other health problems, specifically with breathing

If you experience any of these on a consistent basis, you should look into the ventilation systems that are built into your home.

The solution to any of these problems may be fairly simple. Adding an exhaust fan to your kitchen or bathroom is a good way to improve ventilation. These rooms tend to be the worst for needing ventilation, due to the moisture and odors that are present in them.

If you're opening your windows and doors to improve ventilation, make sure that you also position a fan near them. A fan will help to force the air to circulate, assuring that the fresh air moves throughout your home, pushing out the used air. There's not always enough breeze outside to accomplish this with just opening the windows.

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