Safety Fences

Protecting your property and your family

Safety fences not only show others the boundary of your property, they can also protect your family from dangerous spots like unmonitored swimming pools. Safety fences are a smart way to deter burglars and even unwanted pests in the garden.

Which Safety Fence Suits Your Needs?

Safety fences can be classified into a few different categories, but the types that you're most likely to see around the home are:

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  • Security fences - for a security fence to truly protect your property, it should be both visually and physically intimidating. The fence should be tall enough that an intruder would have difficulty climbing it and sturdy enough that it can't be cut. A good security fence provides little privacy - the prowler may be able to see your property, but has nowhere to hide.
  • Electric fences - this type of fence should only be used to keep animals in a confined area. The fence protects the animal from dangers beyond the fence and can also protect the property on the other side of the fence from the animal. Farmers often use electric fences to contain livestock like horses, cows and sheep. The fence is charged with a mild electric current that produces a sharp shock to startle the animal away from the border. Have your electric fence installed by a professional to make sure the current flows properly and to prevent injury to yourself during installation.
  • Pool fences - in many places, pool fences are law. A fence of a certain height surrounding the pool keeps neighborhood kids from falling into the pool when no one is around. Check your local bylaws to determine what the regulations are for your pool.

Illegal Fences

Certain limits exist as to what you can use as a fence to protect your property. In general, any fence that can cause physical harm is illegal. This includes, but isn't limited to:

  • Barbed wire
  • Razor wire
  • Electric fences in residential areas
  • Fences embedded with glass or spikes

If you have concerns about the safety of your property, an alarmed fence will alert you when someone touches the bars. Security cameras and floodlights are great visual deterrents that show intruders they aren't welcome.

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