Picking the perfect mailbox

There are many different types of mailboxes you may use for your home. While in the past it was common for mailboxes to be made of metal only, nowadays plastic is used as well. It is a cheaper material to produce and it is not subject to rust. There are plenty of reasons why a metal mailbox may be preferred, however. They tend to look nicer, and they are unquestionably sturdier and more durable. Therefore, metal, specifically aluminum, is usually the material of choice.

Mailboxes come in various shapes and sizes today as well. These include heavy duty residential mailboxes, antique rural mailboxes, deluxe rural mailboxes and Eagle rural mailboxes.

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Heavy duty residential mailboxes, for example, are USPS approved and are constructed of high-quality aluminum. They can be mounted on any mailbox post and usually come in the following colors: black, green, beige and white.

The antique rural mailbox design is similar to the classic mailbox design if you find that preferable. These are usually made completely of aluminum as well. Their antique appearance is certain to add class and elegance to any home. They feature a die-cast door that is operated using a full-width stainless steel hinge for optimal operation.

Deluxe rural mailboxes feature a unique textured, powder-coated finish which is sure to provide your home a touch of elegance. They can be mounted on standard, classic or decorative mailbox posts. Deluxe rural mailboxes come in mocha or pewter, neutral colors sure to match any home's exterior.

Finally, Eagle rural mailboxes feature a decorative eagle plate and a signal flag that is available in gold or silver.

There are also community mailboxes, which contain numerous boxes for all of the residents in a certain area. They feature the lockdown mailbox design so that an individual only has access to his or her own mail.

Mailbox Accessories

Mailbox posts are a necessary accessory for all residential mailboxes. They are made of wood, plastic or metal. You can purchase a post, or you may prefer to make your own in order to save a little money.

Also, when deciding upon which mailbox you would like to purchase, make sure you examine the mailbox's cover. You will want something that not only works well, but also features a design that is aesthetically pleasing to you.

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