Protecting your property

Property gates add an air of status and security to your home by limiting access to your property and increasing security for those living on your property.

Property gates are typically found in wood, metal, vinyl or iron designs. It's best to purchase a gate that matches the existing fencing around your property, but make it your own by having it custom made with your family crest or insignia. You can use your gates as a focal point of your exterior decor or as a great way to wrap up your home's outdoor theme.

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Electric Gate Openers

If you've added privacy around your home by installing a gate, then you should also consider an automatic gate opener. Using an automatic gate opener removes some of the inconvenience involved in having to open the gate to access your property, and may make it so that you actually close your gate more often.

Similar to garage door openers, gate openers are typically electric, but can also be powered by solar energy or battery and are suitable for both swinging or sliding gates.

Electric gates can be operated by remote control, weight sensors or with a security code that's punched into a keypad, and today many gates have an intercom system so you can talk to visitors and open the gate from inside your home. Gate openers come with various safety and security features, such as sensors and voice recognition programs.

They also come in assorted power levels and are suitable for fence gates, residential chain link gates, panel gates, tube gates, wrought iron gates, wooden gates and vinyl gates.

Garden Gates

Garden gates inspire the imaginations of those entering your garden. Iron garden gates have an old-fashioned, whimsical nature about them. They easily withstand the elements when sprayed with a protective coating, and their intricate designs provide the perfect trellis for climbing flowers and roses.

Wooden gates are just as resilient when treated with weatherproof stain or paint. Wooden gates also provide the perfect arbor for grape vines or climbing ivy and they can be outfitted with antique latches, hinges and aged wooden signs. Garden gates are also available in copper, steel and aluminum to complement almost any type of garden fencing.

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