Multi-purpose storage for vehicles and workshops

It's easy to let your garage become a space that's used to store everything but your car. Such a large storage space naturally attracts garden tools, sports equipment and boxes you can't fit in the basement. Don't leave your car exposed to the elements while your garage plays shelter to your garden tools! A little organization and planning can make your garage a multi-purpose storage space that can even fit your car.

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Get Organized

There are many ways to organize your garage - either with an out-of-the-box solution or by building your own customized storage. Specially designed fixtures and storage options are faster and easier to install, but may not meet all of your storage needs.

Available in portable or permanent options, garage organizers come with a variety of hooks, brackets, cabinets, shelves and even lights which, like many bedroom closet organizers, can be fit together in various combinations. Prefabricated garage organizers are built to resist cold temperatures and can be expanded with additional units.

Protect Your Investment

Many homeowners don't realize that the floor of their garage is just as important as the walls. Uncoated or unprotected garage floors allow the minerals contained within water, gasoline and oil to seep into the floor. Over time, these minerals can eat away at the flooring, causing damage that may only be fixable with a complete replacement of the surface.

Concrete is by far the most popular option for garage floors. Chosen for its strength and durability, concrete has the potential to last for a long time - if you treat it right.

Concrete is easy to work with and can be bought at any home improvement store. Simply mix it with water in an old bucket and pour the cement into cracks of any size. Allow it to fully dry - approximately 48 hours - before either sealing it or storing anything on it. Filling the cracks will help your garage floor last longer than just sealing it will.

When you're ready to seal your garage floor, a resin-based floor protector can help. Resistant to water and a variety of chemicals, a resin floor coat can help your garage floor last longer and look great too. If you're worried that a resin surface may become slippery when wet, add flaking materials, like ground stone, to the resin mixture during application. This provides a little more grip to your floor.

Available in a wide array of colors, resin floor coats also make cleaning up spills much easier, because the materials will sit on top of the floor's surface and won't penetrate the surface or cause stains.

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