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Beautiful outside and in

The exterior of your home is just as important as the inside and provides you with almost as many choices for design and decoration. Your home needs a well-constructed exterior to protect the frame and structure of the building. Leaks, gaps and drafts can all make the interior less pleasant and can cause costly damage.

A Grand Entrance

The driveway and walkway of your home give your visitors a distinct first impression. Both should also be kept in good repair to make snow removal easier and to protect your vehicle.

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Uneven surfaces present a tripping hazard and can be dangerous for both guests and yourself. Keeping up with routine maintenance - like cleaning up spills - can prevent costly repairs in the future.

Your garage is a major part of your home and contributes to its overall appearance. Plan the structure to meet your storage needs - both for your vehicle and for all the other odds and ends that make their way into the garage.

Don't forget that the floor of your garage needs the same routine maintenance as the interior of your home. Keep the floor clean of stains that can eat away at the cement.

Remember, the fence along your property line not only shows others where your territory begins, but it also has an aesthetic function. You can simply mark your property with a low hedge, but if you have privacy or safety concerns, you'll need to invest in a higher, sturdier structure in wood or chain link.

Protecting the Inside From the Outside

When choosing siding and shingles for the exterior of your home, durability should be your major concern. From the materials that are available to you, you'll have many color and style choices to pick from, but think first and foremost about how the material will hold up to your climate.

It pays to invest well in the exterior of your home, since it's the roof and siding that protect everything inside your house. Don't forget to weatherproof your home by looking for gaps and cracks between the exterior and interior that can cause bad heat exchange - making you cold in winter and hot in the summer.

Invest the time and energy it takes to maintain a solid exterior to your home. It'll pay off in the higher value of your home and in protecting the inside of your house.

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