Ceiling Fans

Bring natural comfort to the home

From the time the ceiling fan was first invented by Philip Diehl in 1882, the principle has remained relatively unchanged. Ceiling fans create natural comfort in a room by generating a breeze using fan blades attached to a small motor.

Ceiling fans can be used to cool a variety of room sizes. Fan blades are available in different lengths, between 32 and 52 inches long from the tip of one blade to its opposite. The fan blades can be mounted at different angles, from 12 to 15 degrees, in order to properly circulate air.

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Outdoor Ceiling Fans

While many people are familiar with indoor ceiling fans, there are also outdoor ceiling fans which can be used on a covered porch or deck. Besides providing a comfortable environment on hot summer days, an outdoor ceiling fan is also useful to deter insects such as mosquitoes and gnats who cannot fly into the downward draft created by an outdoor ceiling fan. This eliminates the need for using insect creams, sprays or candles.

Using an outdoor ceiling fan can help reduce humidity and heat that can build up (even on a screened porch), and are a unique way to accent your decor. In addition to providing comfort for your environment, they are available in a wide range of styles and features that include traditional and chandelier-style lighting. There is also a difference in the construction of an indoor ceiling fan and an outdoor ceiling fan. Although they serve the same purpose, an outdoor ceiling fan is constructed to withstand the outdoor elements.

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

There are several companies that produce ceiling fans for indoor or outdoor use. Two companies are best known for quality indoor and outdoor ceiling fans: Hunter and Hampton Bay. Hunter ceiling fans have over 100 years of history in design and manufacturing experience that has made them the preferred brand for many consumers. Hampton Bay ceiling fans have become famous for their Gossamer Wind high-efficiency blade design which is sculpted from molded plastic in order to circulate the air more efficiently.

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