Door Hardware

Functional and attractive door components

There are a number of door hardware options to choose from, and they can vary depending on the type of door you want to use them on. However, there are standard pieces of equipment which are used in all types of doors, regardless of their location.


Door frames are responsible for enclosing doorways. They generally consist of two horizontal pieces of wood that run along the top (the header) and bottom (the sill) of the door, and two pieces that run vertically along each side (the stiles). The piece that runs around the interior of the door frame (the door closes against this) is called the bead. The most secure door frames are those that are part of the home's actual structure. Strike plates, which attach to the door frame and receive the latch when the door is closed, should be reinforced so that no air space remains between the door frame and door.

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Door hinges are more integral to home security then most homeowners realize. In fact, many door hinges are now designed specifically for home security. They feature non-removable pins that hold the door in place with a setscrew. Additionally, safety studs hold the door in place even if the hinge pins are somehow removed.


Door handles can succumb to wear and tear, so replacing old door knobs or door handles will upgrade the overall appearance of your door. Replacing door handles is a simple DIY project. Remember to bring your old door handle and its hardware along with you when shopping for a new one as a comparison for size, style and feel. Also, don't forget to check if you require left- or right-hand handles.


Door knockers give a sense of elegance and charm to the homes they appear on. Most door knockers are fashioned out of polished brass or wrought iron. For those looking for something more unique than the traditional ring design, knockers are available in every style and shape imaginable, from animal shapes to antique and imperial designs or custom-made family crests.


Standard door latches featured on front entry doors are spring-loaded door locks that can only be opened from the outside with a key. Door latches come in various locking styles for various types of doors. For example, closets might have roller latches, which have rolling heads that fit over springs. The roller latch grabs the door and keeps it in place when it hits the strike plate. Screen doors are often outfitted with screen door latches. These small latching devices are locked from inside the door when a handle or button is slid down. Gate latches resemble pins that are grabbed and held in place by a moving hook which keeps garden gates from swinging in the wind.

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