Swing 'em open or slam 'em shut

Doors make a tremendous impact on your home in terms of functionality, aesthetics and energy-efficiency. Whether being used for security purposes or just to conceal a mess, doors can highlight the architectural openings in your home. For example, take a look at your front door - though it takes up far less area than your garage doors, it can impact the look of your home just as much. By changing out the hardware or painting it a funky new color once a year, you can refresh your outdoor decor. Doors can generally be divided into two categories: exterior doors and interior doors.

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Replacement Doors

Although new doors are often the last thing on a homeowner's mind and the first thing on a home contractor's cutting list, they are an investment that can go a long way to adding to your home's overall beauty. Since doors can't be changed as quickly and as cost-effectively as things like curtains or paint, it's wise to invest in quality doors for your home that will complement its style, prove durable over the years and perform well during peak heating and cooling months.

Before you get new doors, you must decide whether you want only a new door or if you would prefer to do a full-frame door replacement. A full-frame replacement involves removing the entire door frame and trim, thus allowing you to change the size, shape and style of the door opening.

Improving Energy Efficiency

A lot of the energy wasted in our homes is lost through our doors. Generally the problem is due to either poor installation or faulty weather stripping. The good news is that installing new weather stripping is an easy DIY project. While the materials may be a bit expensive to purchase at the onset, the amount of energy you save will have them paid for within a year. Properly insulated doors will lower your utility bills and improve your home's soundproofing.

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