Shower Accessories

Putting style into your shower

Shower accessories can add a design element to your bathroom that's relatively inexpensive and easy to change out when you grow bored with your basic accessories.

Shower Curtains

Quite often the focal part of your bathroom (particularly one that's tight on space), shower curtains are a versatile commodity and play both a practical and decorative role. Shower curtains are both practical (they keep water from escaping the tub and ending up on the floor) and decorative (they take up a significant amount of space so they have to look good). Picking a shower curtain is a great way to start your bathroom's theme. Shower curtains are available in three materials: plastic, fabric and vinyl.

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Shower Caddies and Bath Racks

Many showers and tubs are not equipped to store the growing bevy of products we like to use for grooming. If you share your shower with somebody else, storage is even more of an issue. Though it may seem like it just saves you arguing with your loved ones over the space in the shower, an organizer for your shower or bathtub (often called "shower caddies") can help make your grooming area efficient. Some shower caddies are designed to hang over the shower head, others can be mounted to the wall with suction cups or permanent hardware. A bath rack fits across your tub like a tray - it's generally larger and sturdier than a shower caddy (so, if you take your shower in a tub, it may be the best choice for you). These organizers are usually made from steel wire, plastic, brass or chrome.

Bathtub Grips

Bathtub grips don't usually come with the bathtub you choose, but can be purchased separately. Although installation can sometimes be tricky, almost all grips can be used with any tub. Bathtub grips add a dimension of safety that's especially great for the elderly or the ill, but they can be helpful for everyone.

Electronic Devices

We all know that water and electricity don't mix, but there are some safe ways to bring the convenience of electronics into the bathroom. Bathroom-safe appliances will be marked as such and usually operate on batteries. Adding a clock to your bathroom wall can help the family become more organized in the morning (and let you know when you've been in the shower too long). You can add other electronic appliances like shower radios, TVs, CD players and mp3 players.

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