Bathroom Grab Bars

Add grab bars for bathroom safety

Given the commonness of bathroom falls and the seriousness of the injuries they can cause, particularly in seniors, bathroom safety grab bars make a wise addition to your tub. These accessories allow you to safely lower and raise yourself in and out of the bathtub, giving you a sturdy, secure means of balancing and positioning yourself so you don't fall. They're relatively inexpensive to buy and quite easy to install. You'll simply need to drill holes into your wall for the screws, and then screw the bathroom grab bar into place. At your local home improvement store or through online retailers, you'll find a wide range of varieties to choose from, including stainless steel bathroom safety grab bars and bronze bathroom grab bars.

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Different Styles of Grab Bars for the Bathroom

Typically, grab bars for the bathroom are long and narrow, and mounted into the tile on the wall. This setup allows you to position yourself in the tub however you like yet still reach the grab bar with ease. However, there are other styles to choose from, including portable single-grip grab bars, which you can mount near the corner of the tub as you get in. Then, you can move them to provide support where needed while you're in the bathtub. You can also choose pivot-grip, telescoping grab bars, which have adjustable lengths, or install a set of variable-length grab bars to give you a handle to grab on to at every turn.

Safety Rails for Bathtubs

As an alternative to conventional designs for bathroom grab bars, you can also opt for safety rails. These products are vertically rather than horizontally oriented and are sectioned so you can lift yourself up in increments. Some safety rails are adjustable, so you can raise or lower their height without having to reposition them.

Low-profile bath safety rails are smaller, more compact versions of the full-sized safety rails, and they fit easily into the corner of your tub. Using clamps to cling to the edge of your tub, most low-profile bath safety rails can be installed without tools because they come with retractable adjustment knobs that let you secure the rail into place. They're also padded, so they won't cause any damage to the surface of your bathtub. No matter which style you choose, grab bars are among the safest and most practical bathroom fixtures available.

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