Bathroom Accessories

Critical bathroom comforts

Bathroom accessories can make your bathroom more comfortable for you and your guests. They may not be as important to the overall functionality of the room as the major bathroom fixtures, but they help get the job done.


Often overlooked as style elements, your selection of a toilet paper holder and towel racks can reflect your personal taste. Increasingly, these items are being manufactured with an eye toward design. You may even opt for ultimate luxury in items such as a towel warmer that will heat your towels for you by the time you get out of the shower.

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Vanity Accessories

Vanity accessories are often sold as a package in order to provide a unified style. Standard sets include the toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, bar soap holder, cup, decorative tissue box cover and maybe even a wastebasket, all at an affordable price. No bathroom remodeling project is complete without a fresh update to these details.

Medicine Cabinets

Adequate storage in the bathroom can make it feel much cleaner and more useful at the same time. Having the products you need organized and on hand at all times is fundamental to the proper functioning of any bathroom. A medicine cabinet makes use of the space over the sink and can serve a double function by incorporating a mirrored front, giving you more for your money. It's also a good place to keep drugs away from children (just be sure that there's proper ventilation in the bathroom to prevent the medicine from breaking down from humidity). Shelf units can provide space for extra towels or bath products or they can display some odds and ends that may add to your bathroom style.


Pictures and prints can add a warm, decorative and colorful touch to any room in your home, including the bathroom. The pictures you choose can add the final touch of style to your bathroom. Real paintings are too fragile for the heat and humidity of a bathroom, but there are many ways to treat prints and sculptured wall hangings that will hold up just fine to the conditions in the bathroom.


The bathroom is the perfect place to keep a scale for weighing yourself first thing in the morning. Bathroom scales can be analog or digital. Some can even talk to you or measure your body fat percentage.


To deter guests from flushing trash down the toilet and clogging your plumbing system, you should provide a wastebasket in the bathroom. You can choose between wastebaskets made from many different materials, including wicker, plastic and stainless steel. Some baskets have a lid operated by a foot pedal, and though these may be difficult for some people to use (young children, for example), they do hide the trash well.

Toilet Brushes

Even the utilitarian toilet brush has become design-friendly, with stylish containers and handles that can make a dramatic statement in the most unexpected place. Since you clean your toilet with the brush, it likely has traces of waste and chemical cleaners on it and storing it out in the open can be unhygienic. The container is a safe choice for any bathroom that will be exposed to kids. Another safe - and even more easily concealed - choice is the newer disposable variety of toilet brush. You simply flush or throw out the head after cleaning, leaving you with just a handle that can easily be stored beneath the sink.

Plugs and Plungers

These bathroom accessories don't add style, but are necessities. In fact, you may want to keep an extra plug for each of your sinks and tubs on hand, as well as an extra plunger, just to be safe.

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