The most renovated room in the house

The bathroom is a place for nurturing. From infancy, we learn that it's a space for gentle care. Later, we come to know it a place for, well, relief. It's a spot for relaxation and rejuvenation for our whole body. It could be that the sense of renewal we get in the bathroom is the reason that many of us feel it's worth a renewal of its own. In fact, it could be argued that the personal well-being we gain from it makes the bathroom worth more time and a bigger chunk of your renovating budget.

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The inspiration for your bathroom renovation can come from anywhere. You already know what you don't like about your existing bathroom; why not look to things that you love or things that help you relax to find ideas for your new room? You might be inspired by the spa you visited for a massage. Or maybe you love being outdoors and want to bring a little nature inside. Your budget may impede your inspiration from reaching the level of luxury you want, but with some creativity you can get the same effect without spending the money.


A bathroom has to incorporate necessary fixtures like the toilet, tub and faucets, but that doesn't mean the room has to look utilitarian. The elements of design that you add can make the room seem like a retreat that you wantto be in instead of a room you have to be in. Pictures, shelves, cabinets, mirrors and other bathroom accessories can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.


The best materials for use in the bathroom should be durable and easy to clean. Conversely, it's best to stay away from some materials, like carpet that doesn't dry well and wallpaper that can stain easily. If you intend for a major renovation to stand the test of time, you should use only quality materials.

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